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7 Seas International, is well-known as one of Bangladesh's leading global integrated logistics and the management have wealthily experienced for more than 15 years at cargo transportation realm. We are committed to the smooth and efficient transportation of goods worldwide. Concentration on airfreight, sea freight and all logistics services to and from all major trading places globally. Our team has high professionalism, good knowledge and ability to facilitate for "Right On Time Service" for our clientele. 7 Seas International is also able to meet the constant increasing demands of importers and exporters worldwide with stations and agents in most major gateway cities of the world. 7 Seas International is a proud member of Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association, (membership no. 1025)

We Are Experienced In

1. Investigating and planning the most appropriate route for a shipment, taking account of the perishable or hazardous nature of the goods, cost, transit time and security.

2. Arranging appropriate packing, taking account of climate, terrain, weight, nature of goods and cost, and the delivery and warehousing of goods at their final destination.

3. Negotiating contracts, transportation and handling costs.

4. Obtaining, checking and preparing documentation to meet customs and insurance requirements, packing specifications, and compliance with other countries' regulations and fiscal regimes.

5. Offering consolidation services by air, sea and road, ensuring cost-effective and secure solutions to small shippers who have insufficient cargo to require their own dedicated units; meas.

6. Arranging insurance and assisting the client in the event of a claim.

7. Offering tailored IT solutions and electronic data interchange (EDI) connections.

8. Arranging payment of freight and other charges or collection of payment on behalf of the client.

9. Utilizing e-commerce, internet technology and satellite systems to enable real-time tracking of goods.

10. Arranging air transport for urgent and high-value freight and managing the risk door to door.

11. Acting as broker in customs negotiations worldwide to guide the freight efficiently through complex procedures.

12. Dealing with special arrangements for transporting delicate cargoes, such as livestock, food and medical supplies. 13. Arranging courier and specialist hand-carry services.

14. Maintaining communication and control through all phases of the journey, including the production of management reports and statistical and unit cost analysis.

15. Maintaining current knowledge of relevant legislation, political situations and other factors that could affect the movement of freight.

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